Celebrate even Your Fourth Best Hash Brown

From left, Sarah, Luke, Jack, and Blake enjoy a car ride and some hash browns. Photo by Malia Powers

From left, Sarah, Luke, Jackson, and Blake Powers enjoy a car ride and a delicious breakfast of biscuits and hash browns. Jackson knows that a good pet owner always remembers to buckle in his dragon. Photo by Malia Powers

By Shelley Powers

This week I received possibly the best text I’ve ever gotten. It was from my sister-in-law Malia, who was sharing about her car ride home from the urgent care center with four of her five kiddos. In her text, she relayed something said from the back seat.

The comment came from my nephew, Jackson, who is always so colorful and full of the unexpected that he has been given a special nickname by the family…Pepper Jack.

Here is Malia’s text:

“We left the house early this morning to take Blake to urgent care. The kids were starving and evil McD’s was right there. Jack said, ‘Yum! This is the fourth best hash brown I’ve ever had!’ I had no idea we kept track of this sort of stuff.”

Yum, indeed.

Graduation days. Wedding days. Children’s birth days. It’s easy to find the joy in the big events of life, especially when surrounded by newness and excitement and flowers and music and pomp and circumstance.

But, I challenge you to look for the joy beyond those days and moments.

I challenge you to find the joy in your Thursday afternoon commute home from work or a Tuesday morning Board meeting or a late Sunday night study session with your child.

For it’s when you can celebrate these moments that you are truly living life to its fullest. It’s when you’re paying attention to all life has to offer that you find those rare jewels…those nuggets of wisdom…those sweet moments…and those fourth best hash browns.


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Shelley Powers is a writer/blogger/editor who loves telling tall tales and little white lies to make life all the more interesting.

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